The COMPANY was established in 2002 with focus on leading edge technologies implementation and progressive business concepts into real business results with full commitment to business partners in pursuing business objectives together.

To pursue this objective, The COMPANY has built a strong core management team with proven expertise in various industries: Telecommunications, Information Technology, Finance and Retail and Distribution.

One of the key factors of our business achievement is the ability to provide high security, future-proof and sophisticated technologies to match financial services industry requirements. And with in-house proven expertise we are able to maintain the technology pace to the current trends.

In April 2003, the internal team implemented a REAL TIME ONLINE TRANSACTION PLATFORM for cellular prepaid recharge distribution system and firstly connected to PT Satelindo. The Platform is soon become a role model and standard for electronic distribution reload in Indonesia. The System is still operated and directly connected to all major cellular operators in Indonesia and having various delivery channels such as embedded Java, secured PC Client, Cash Registers and EDC. The Platform serves network members, branded modern channels, co-operatives and corporates.

In 2004, the team was appointed to set-up business operations of ticketing service for Jakarta first ever Bus Mass Rapid Transport, the Busway. This work is done from scratch and become a milestone in Indonesian public transit service ever.

Starting from Q3 2008, a new breakthrough emerges with iZone domestic service. Working with major government bank and PLN, ST operates payment and collections service for electricity bill (PPOB). A new secured transaction platform with secured clients was deployed for this purpose. Currently iZone payment service is already extended to PSTN, Data, Insurance, Credit Card Payment, Small Loans and covers more than 2000 outlets.

With commitments for energy preservation and environment, ST is also actively involved in sustainable development. ST provides german technologies for ecological lightweight aerated concrete and solutions for energy efficiency in electrical equipments and LED Lightings.